A-1 Fiberglass offers a diverse range of molding and application processes including Spray-Up and Hand Lay-Up Open Molding, Cold-Press Molding, RTM, Vacuum Bagging, and Lite RTM. We also offer CNC Precision Trimming and CNC Pattern Work.

Prototyping - Manufacturing - Assembly -
Painting - Packaging - Shipping

A-1 Fiberglass, an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, owns and operates its own paint and finish facilities, as well as its own shipping fleet, ensuring precision and quality through-out the entire process.

A-1 Fiberglass uses the latest industry technologies throughout the production process: Engineering software for design analysis, a Spectrum Z510 3-D small-scale model making system. CNC Precision Trimming/Routing, an integrated CAD/CAM design system, an initiator controlled process system, strict quality control and a metered application system governing our processes from the raw materials to the completed product.

At A-1 Fiberglass, we believe in expanding the understanding of the manufacturing process.  This is why we have constructed our online video center, which contains informative videos about our company.
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