A-1 Fiberglass has developed a "one-stop-shop process", giving you a comprehensive solution from concept to delivery.

Prototyping - Manufacturing - Assembly -
Painting - Packaging - Shipping

A-1 uses the latest industry technologies throughout the production process including: engineering software for design analysis, a Spectrum Z510 3-D small scale model making system, CNC Precision Trimming and Routing, an integrated CAD/CAM system, an initiator controlled process system and TFM metered application systems. With this technology we can ensure all parts will be within one percent of the customers' designed weight.

Our Quality Team ensures all parts are inspected, weighed, and meet customer specifications befor shipping.

A-1 Fiberglass offers (click to learn more):

At A-1 Fiberglass, we believe in expanding the understanding of the manufacturing process.  This is why we have constructed our online video center, which contains informative videos about our company. Click Below
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Open Molding

- Hand Lay-up

- Spray Up

In-Process Inspection

Raw Material Testing

Closed Molding

- Vacuum Infusion

- Vacuum Bagging

- Cold Press Molding

- Resin Transfer Molding

Plastic Thermoforming

CAD/CAM System

- CNC Precision Trimming

- CNC Pattern Work

- Scalable Prototyping

Custom Color Matching

Paint and Finish

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